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Welcome to the World of Miniature Horses!

Our website features Miniature Horses of the finest breeds. All horses on this site are raised and treated immaculately in world leading, sophisticated and professional farms around the world. We only feature horses that were raised in reputable farms with an excellent track record. In addition, all the featured horses on our website are being tested regularly and meet the following requirements:  

  • Have received all required vaccines on time
  • Have received anti parasite treatments on an on-going basis
  • Have an electronic chip

Miniature Horses are well known for their extraordinary social skills, intelligence and good character. They are also easily trained. That is why they are used widely to help in a variety of therapy methods, such as guiding the blind, or treating children with special needs. Whether you are looking for a unique family pet, a horse for exhibitions/shows, companionship, support, treatment or therapy – we have them all!

Our goal is to share our passion and love for these extraordinary animals with horse lovers around the world. We also take our buyers seriously and make sure our horses are well treated after leaving the farm, from nurturing facilities to respectful care takers.


For any question and information you need, please fill in your details so we can get back to you and serve you the best way we can:

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