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If the meadow had been bigger, I might have gone looking for a big horse. But I didn’t have that much space. That’s why I went looking for a pony. I met a seller of small horses and I didn’t have to think much, clearly the difference between a pony and a small horse was quite big… small horses are so much more beautiful. A pony is big, roughly built, has short legs and is not so raffinate. Small horses are so elegant, nice and kind.

“I was immediately in love and if you are completely in love with something, well …”. Six months later I bought another one and when I started looking further and found even more beautiful small horses, it soon became my hobby.

Karina Verougstraete
Karina Verougstraete

Large or small, miniature horses are elegant, friendly in nature, have many talents and are attractive to all people. The Arabian Miniature breed is small and unique and is clearly ‘the horse for everyone ‘.
Whoever has a little horse in its stable enjoys it’s presence, its attention, its kindness.
These animals put a smile on every face. Old or young, nobody can resist these small horses.
Children, adults, disabled people, elderly people… Everybody enjoys this amazing and unique breed in many ways: just walking in the street, jumping, trimming, photoshoots etc. Or you can buy it as an investment and start your own stable.

For children, taking care of miniature horses is often a very good lesson, they need the same care and attention as big horses. Caring well requires discipline, responsibility and respect, it develops self-confidence and self-assurance.

For people who, for whatever reason (eg the elderly or the disabled) have few possibilities to come in contact with larger horses, these small horses are often a welcomed solution!

So what is it? A small Arabian horse. You could simply say that it is a smaller version of a large Arabian horse: same construction, same proportions, and also a wide variety of colors. They have a sophisticated neck, long legs and an elegant head. They exist in different colours. They are between 80 cm en 90 cm high.
Arabian small horses are generally bred to be friendly and to interact well with people. For this reason they are often kept as family pets, though they still retain natural horse behavior, and must be treated like an equine, even if they primarily serve as a companion animal. They are also trained as service animals, akin to assistance dogs for disabled people. Small Arabian horses are also trained for driving, equine agility, and other competitive horse show type events.

The small Arabian horse is one of the most exclusive horse breeds. They are a symbol of status and prestige. If you walk on the street everyone is looking at you, everyone is smiling and people start to talk with you, it reunites people.

We are a Belgian breeder with a very good international name recognition.
After working hard breeding for many years, I can say that we have very beautiful and refined horses.
We have acquired an important reputation in the horse world throughout the years all over Europe and worldwide.

After years of breeding we have achieved kind, fine horses in all colors.

We guarantee correct, tame and healthy animals, we promise that!

You can only be a professional breeder if you work with passion and love. Every day 7/7 days a week.
My goal is to share my passion all over the world, to introduce these wonderful horses to people’s hearts.

These horses can be bred all over the world!


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