SZM I am That I am Noah



Born: April 14, 2018
Colour: perlino or silver perlino (not tested yet)
Height: will be around 33/34 inch at maturity
Papers: AMHA & AMHR
Sire: EBF SH Volcanik
Dam: Runnin Bare Classey Lassey

Noah has the sweetest and most understandig character a horse could have. He is always happy to see you and comes to you to cuddle all the time. He just LOVES attention. His special colour and arabian head makes him the eye catcher of the herd. His long manes and tail and very light colour make him like a little dream horse.

His mother is a Runnin Bare mare. The Runnin Bare mares are considered to be one of the best breeding mares in the industry! She never disappoints and all her foals are stunning and top quality horses. There are very few Runnin Bare mares left so this boy is very rare! Look at best horses on top of the industry and you will find the Runnin Bare bloodlines in there pedigree!

His father is a son of the legendary European stallion EBF Johns Suprême Heritage. A gorgeous silver buckskin stallion. His first foal crop is outstanding and are very promising for the future.

Noah is a one of a kind horse! Unique in every way and it is with a very heavy hearth we decided to look a new home for him. Don’t hesitate because this boy is your opportunity if you are looking for something special


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