About Therapy with miniature horses.

Miniature horses are the most conscious, aware animals you will come across. They can think, feel, be happy or sad, etc.
A horse will live in the present moment, and will live within the bounds of its own herd and its own system. It has the capacity to mirror a human being. These animals are able to sense strong and weak energies, which allows them to discern the true meaning underlying our thoughts.
They instinctively recognize your mood, indicate where a blockage is located, and answer your life questions. In a way, the horse on which I rely during a specific therapeutic session is the real therapist.

My task is simply to interpret what the horse tells us about a specific person in question:

  • If the human, is scared, the horse will sense its insecurity.
  • If the human is angry, the horse will note a level of destructiveness.
  • If the human feels hurried or pressed, the horse will be impatient.
  • If the human shows love, the horse will reflect this love back a thousand-time.


People with all sorts of problems come to me for help: children with anxiety-related issues, children who suffer from ADHD or autism, children who lack self-confidence, who are bullied, who do not feel comfortable in their own skin, or who have problems studying. 

I also work with people who suffer from motor retardation. By having them perform a variety of different exercises with my horses, their condition rapidly improves. The people who come into contact with the horses begin to thrive once more, regain their self-confidence, and work through their fears.
You can always contact me for more information about working in therapy with Belgium miniature Horses.